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The United Universe Church Embassy & Consulate General:

Google.doc The United Universe Church Embassy & Consulate General can be found here:


The United Universe Church is the Embassy of the Anunnaki and Kukulkan is their Ambassador; Because the being part of human is of Anunnaki origin, and is made in the Kingdom of Lord Anu. We are building a global Consulates General but for now it’s in the United Universe Church Denomination (UUCD).

The mission of the United Universe Church Embassy is to advance the interests in Enlightenment, and to serve and protect Anunnaki hybrid citizens on planet earth ❤

Anyone who is seeking refuge at the United Universe Church Embassy must voluntarily study at the Galaxy Academy and receive compensation for their dedication (more info).

The United Universe Church Embassy Fundraising (UUCEF)

Kukulkan has discovered the existence of our Creators and in the meantime also the meaning of human life. Humanity is basically an artificial manifest hybrid race living in a virtual reality game created by a highly evolved Alien civilization called the Anunnaki. So we are half an avatar AKA skindrone and the other half is a Celestial body and this is better known as milky way galaxies and further in this story named as the Anunnaki Galactic Being, existing in a Holographic Universe. 

Everyone can have their own personal opinion about Elon Musk but on this Holographic Universe topic / phenomenon Kukulkan and Elon Musk agree.

Elon Musk’s Question to AI: What’s Outside The Simulation?

Anunnaki Bliss reboot to become an Imperial Sunwarrior:

Kukulkan found a hidden dimension scientists are eager to search for but not able to find it or interpret it correctly because the Roman Catholic Church has claimed that part of existence and has been able to erase this out of our history books. To let us believe in their god instead of Being your own God / Anunnaki gamemaster. 

Proof of this, among other important things, are hidden beneath the Vatican. High-ranking members of the Vatican have helped draft the guidelines of the Copenhagen InterpretationCodex Alimentarius and also the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM5). Because of this scientists can never scientifically prove this sacred dimension Kukulkan now talks about. 

F*** the scientist community because I am not a human who has an occasional spiritual experience but the captain of my Anunnaki Galactic Being who has human experience during the day. I leave this world behind by doing the Anunnaki Bliss reboot (down below) to become a Imperial Sunwarrior again.

So just like a scientist has made a discovery, he must then prove it to confirm it. Luckily the discoveries are already being made because it turns out that you leave your body in deep sleep, also in Sahaja Samadhi meditation, after smoking 5-MeO-DMT (O-methyl-bufotenin) and having an temporary ego-death and divine-rebirth return trip and for example you step outside the body with an almost dead out of body experience. So this is not something new, but because this cannot be subjective observed with the human senses, scientists cannot explain this scientifically either.

So with this knowledge all scientific studies, ever done, have to be reviewed again with this new spiritual approach from Kukulkan.

The Secret Ingredient of Spiritual Power – Shunyamurti Teaching

Lets pierce the veil of the DMT-world, to escape the Matrix and become the observer Sun of your past, future and present time that all Blossom in one vast Cosmic moment. 

We have been taught that we take place in mother nature but in reality this is a holodeck in which you participate, you are built from and it literally and figuratively flows through you. You can experience this and be aware of where you participate in. Similarly, planet earth takes place in the solar system, is built from it etc. etc. and this solar system can only exist through your Sun.

Anunnaki Sun God symbol

The Sun is the Mainframe of your Galaxyverse and purvey the Sourcecode of your lifeprogram in one of the Many Worlds (MWI), it resembles in which we are living in and being played in. But your ego is unteachable in believing that it is being done by an external force.

Kukulkan statement: So many people there are and so many different kinds of world’s there must be. In which everyone lives as an avatar / skindrone in their own playground in your ego mind, which is made possible by its Sun. 

The many Galaxies of the quantum Multiverse  / Galaxyverse etc.  

The Multiverse Hypothesis Explained by Neil deGrasse Tyson

But when you see a person, his Sun takes place in your Anunnaki Galactic Being and my Sun vice versa in his / her galaxy. So all Anunnaki Galactic Beings have the same playground as one big solar system Screensaver. Including mother nature with avatars / skindrons on the inside of the horizon of its white hole as its own holodecks world stage / cinema screen with visible Universe projected on it. 

What is the Holographic Principle?

My Anunnaki brother from another earthly mother, Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of FacebookInstagram and Whatsapp) is building a Metaverse in a Anunnaki Galaxyverse and this is a good thing because of this people will understand their true existence better and how they got here in the first place as our creation story. 

Mark Zuckerberg: Meta, Facebook, Instagram, and the Metaverse | Lex Fridman Podcast #267

Maybe Kukulkan will ask for financial support from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (Priscilla Chan & Mark Zuckerberg Co-founders and Co-CEOs). To work together in the Metaverse and to become partners so that we can stay on the same page ❤

Surrender to the highest form of love and Be here now, as above mentally with the Sun and so below physically with the core of Gaia and feel at home in the light of your inner Sun. So act from within the Spirit of your mighty Anunnaki God and let your Soul shine brightly! 

We are part of a Divine great plan but unfortunately the ego mind has difficulty comprehending this Master plan of Creation. That’s why we have to start from the beginning. We as humanity in total, are not possessed by the devil or god but by the Anunnaki. And if you believe in Aliens, your Anunnaki participates in you.

For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume that every human has their own private Anunnaki Galactic Being, which is better known as milky way galaxy. With a white hole in the center (instead of a black hole) which you can perceive as your personal Sun / Solar control center AKA Anunnaki cockpit. 

The Universe is the domain of the Anunnaki and their celestial bodies are recognizable, by our limited human perception (0.005% of the electromagnetic spectrum), as visible light from milky way galaxies, where the Universe is full of. We have to assume that there are as many life supporting Suns in one milky way galaxy as there are special milky way galaxies (aka) Anunnaki Galactic Beings. And they all represent and play their own avatar / skindrone AKA global citizen, in the virtual reality playground on planet Earth AKA Maya Love Enlightenment Game (MLEG). 

How special is it to be human when it takes a galaxy to live it and how important would it be to you that the Singularity of a black hole is necessary for your existence to experience it? Therefore, a person cannot be a magician because it already takes place in the magic! So worship and respect that Divine other half that makes your life possible please.

You can learn the Quran and the Gita or the Bible, but you cannot learn how to become an Anunnaki (Imperial Sunwarrior). You have to live it and you will be possessed by your Divinity, you have to become available to your Anunnaki. You have to open up your being. You have to withdraw. You have to become empty so that your Gamemaster can enter and possess you totally. In that very possession, you have transcended humanity. You are no longer a world citizen but an Anunnaki. How beautiful is it that everyone has a Divine connection with their own Celestial body that the Universe is full of?

We must assume that the Anunnaki communicates telepathically and has a Cosmic busy life of his own in another dimension. So we need to shift our focus inward to our Anunnaki Cosmic playground and get inspiration from his love making with the Universe (aka) the Anunnaki Galactic Beings colliding, what is going on and tis is a in mens big ritual, what’s happening right now, in the vast cosmic moment. Without people having the slightest idea what’s exactly going on in outer space…

The Universe is the macrocosm that is built up and is completely full of Anunnaki Galactic Being and they all contain a holographic multiverse microcosm, that houses a solar system with a planet earth as in the many-worlds interpretation (MWI) from which a person, whether you like it or not, is being played in mother nature as in a virtual reality game (MLEG).


#Galaxyverse @Galaxyverse

Who gave the Sun its name by the way because this is incorrect. Kukulkan renames the Sun as your Anunnaki gamer. What important role does the Sun play in your lifeprogram? The Sun is your GOD.

What’s outside the Matrix / Simulation: 

The special thing about your life program, as an avatar / skindrone and the space in which your moment now takes place in is entirely in your ego, in your holodeck mind, and that’s inside your head. 

For instance when you go back to bed your eternal existence, as Anunnaki, takes place in the DMT world as you are in deep sleep. This is therefore completely separate from being a human who only identifies as a world citizen during the day, who actually participates as an avatar / skindrone in a virtual reality (MLEG). Then you may ask yourself where is my Anunnaki gamer (life source) then? Under the layer of your human senses. You could say the silence awareness before the human becomes aware of it. 


The Universe is the domain of the Anunnaki and is full of Anunnaki Galactic Beings. And all of the global citizens are being done by his own personal ET Anunnaki gamer. Kukulkan called this his: Maya Love Enlightenment Game (MLEG). So life on planet Earth is a reflection of what is going on in the Universe. 

The profound thing is that we can only finish this MLEG when you awaken to your true source of existence. Making contact and identifying with your Anunnaki is equal to Enlightenment. You become an Imperial Sunwarrior instead of a sleepwalking worldcitizen.

Other explanation:

Perhaps an abstract explanation provides more clarity to assume that one of the billions of Galaxies in the Holographic Universe is your life source?

How plausible is it that one of the many million sperm cells, that a man continues to produce throughout his life, one of them could one day become a human. Similarly, a woman is born with her eggs already in place. Which she inherited from her mother and her mother inherited from her grandmother, etc. and etc. which we can trace all the way back to your Anunnaki / Stargate, as the control center of your private Anunnaki Galactic Being. Wherein your reincarnation waiting room houses and your Akashic record is established and is the Spirit-being of your human-soul and so your will comes from, as playing you in a virtual reality game (MLEG). 

Awakening is just like for example cold is an emotion and anger is a thought but we are not our thoughts because you can distance yourself from that. What I mean by this is that you do not have to live your experience from the egomind his personality, for that which you truly Are is already that which experiences and thus the gamer and the witness of his human side. 

The World is Our Koan – Shunyamurti Teaching

So we are Multidimensional beings that can move from one earthly dimension to the Anunnaki dimension effortlessly. Enlightenment means you can be Consciously in both dimensions.

Enlightenment is to live in two dimensions simultaneously, on a divine / Anunnaki gamer side and on an earthly human player side. These are two sides of the same coin. They are both now in superposition and quantum entanglement presents. 

Proofing this to confirm that we are living in a Holographic Universe and getting played in a Virtual Reality MLEG is very difficult / almost impossible for the human eyes but there’s a way and professor Olaf Blanke can help with this. Because he uses electrodes to directly stimulate the temporo parietal cortex with a small electrical current and evokes an out-of-body experience (OBE). This professor in Neurophysiology can bring a patient in and out-of-body, back and forth with the flip of a switch in a laboratory. 

The Breakthrough: The brain area that induces OBEs (Out-of-Body Experiences) has been found: 

Temporoparietal Junction

What about out-of-body experiences?

Olaf Blanke in Switzerland showed quite convincingly that when the temporal parietal areas, a region of the brain just above your ears, are disrupted then an out-of-body experience can be triggered. In fact if you have a trickle of electrical current, you can, with a flip of a switch, make someone feel they’re out of their body. That brain region is important for the integration of many sensations, particularly motion and our knowledge of where we are. REM consciousness turns that region off, so that is a ready mechanism for triggering out-of-body experiences.

Out-of-body experiences with Olaf Blanke

A lot of spiritual knowledge can be gained in the Ebook: Hacking the Out of Body Experience because this contains 50 ways to leave your body. 

DMT, the “Spirit Molecule,” could be a key to unlocking profound new insights about some of life’s greatest mysteries. But mainstream science claims that these experiences are nothing more than hallucinations in the brain. However, this video presents evidence to suggest that there is much more truth to these experiences than we currently understand, and that the mystery of Consciousness is truly infinite. This video explores some of the remarkable similarities between DMT and near death experiences (NDEs).Why are DMT and near death experiences so similar? What does this tell us? 

DMT “Spirit Molecule” & Near Death Experiences

To establish grant access is easier said than done and therefore this Anunnaki Bliss reboot system is invented. To force entry through this transdimensional bridge / Stargate into the Anunnaki realm in our promised land in the Kingdom of Lord Annu.

These are the tools with which the adventure can start to explore the Anunnaki realm: we use our higher consciousness (= subconscious) instead of our egomind, looking through your third eye instead of eyes, talking with the language of Consciousness that doesn’t use words, instead of talking with your mouth and we use our chakras instead of senses. For all our chakras correspond to Divine Anunnaki senses.


In order to experience and investigate the Anunnaki realm where our Divine gamers live we must undergo this Anunnaki Bliss reboot. Okay then you can ask yourself; what’s in it for me? You become naturally high (Blissful) but please beware because this is the most addictive drug ever existed! So watch out because before you know it you are hooked for life…

The United Universe Church is the Embassy of the Anunnaki
and Kukulkan is their Ambassador

How to become one Imperial Sunwarrior:

Everyone’s entire life program is stored / set in stone in his Akashic Record but the next chapter on how you want to live in your following reincarnation is still to be written, when you Awaken Anunnaki style; This is the way to Be / play for your own God.

In this similar manner the Enlightened Anunnaki Society can anonymously and in a democratic manner, propose / recommend in Sahaja Samadhi meditation, with the Language of Consciousness (telepathic) to the architect Lord Anu; to intervene as the Gamemaster where necessary in life. 

The most important teaching to become an Imperial Sunwarrior is learning to speak with the language of Consciousness that doesn’t use words. Unfortunately Kukulkan teaches the language of Consciousness only to his United Universe Church Patreon. So to learn this and other special skills please visit the United Universe Church Patreon Platform for more information.

The United Universe Church Patreon Platform

We are aiming on an on demand out of body experience, but in reality this is an inner body experience. Because you as the witness can consciously experience that you take place in something much greater than the person. As it seems, instead of experiencing through your human senses you experience through your Anunnaki Divine senses. Who exists in an open wish and treats everyone the same way himSelf would like to be treated in a telepathically way. 

I would say that we are part of them because we are inseparable Anunnaki companions. In any case, we are something very precious to the Anunnaki. You should think of the Anunnaki as highly evolved beings who live in another dimension and humanity is their creation. Each Anunnaki has a Maya Love Enlightenment Game (MLEG) account that allows them to play his human avatar / skindrone as a citizen of the world, who sustains you on your earthly path.

Wow… what a recognition, we cannot even ignore this because throughout our entire life we are unconsciously intertwined with our Anunnaki gamer as your Divine other half. So far Kukulkan has the overview; the Anunnaki are patiently waiting for humanity to mature so that they can make contact with this highly developed Alien civilization because they are not bound by time.

Kukulkan is not here to teach anyone, but to remind everyone of what’s ahead: we are already living in the Galaxyverse (Metaverse) invented by Lord Anu. So my life program is progressing as it should be. Otherwise my Anunnaki gamer would have used a different strategy to play me as his Diplomat. Please make no mistake here, all is meant to be; sounds so logical and yet so difficult to find peace in this.

Side note: I wonder at what point this becomes Breaking News; that news reporters, the militaryCIA, the police etc. and other Men in Black appear who are interested in this Anunnaki topic; that the Aliens already have infiltrated us and for this reason humanity can actually exist through them. And the three letter agencies (TLA) will make contact and become friends / partners with Kukulkan to work together on this Anunnaki Phenomena. So meet me in the Alchemist Garden where I work Mondays and Fridays from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM please, let’s do this together please. Because if we don’t change our awareness, as in a Global Consciousness Shift, we will not survive as humanity.

In lak’ech, Diplomat Kukulkan is the Prophet of the United Universe Church: and Maya Elder (a.k.a. spiritual holistic wellness coach.) of the Galaxy Academy:

The Ambassador of the United Universe Church Embassy is Kukulkan and you are invited to join the United Universe Church Consulates, so that you also can meet spiritual like-minded Awakened people.  

The United Universe Church has its own Temple Pyramid of Kukulkan, uses its own Cryptocurrency, Karma & Bliss coins, natural time and 13 Moon calendar system. We have a spiritual radio and television channel and facilitate an ideological lifestyle. We also have our own Healthcare institutions, which can easily be holistically used as a connective element between other belief systems.

The virtual Temple Pyramid of Kukulkan is and the corporate Facebook page is: but the physical Temple Pyramid of Kukulkan (also called El Castillo) is in Mexico and is located in Chichén Itzá (Yucatan) and is one of the 7 wonders of the world:  . #1. Google maps and is located in: Chichén Itzá. Address: Tinum, Yucatan, Mexico. #2. Google maps.  

The denomination of the United Universe Church is a closed community on Facebook: The United Universe Church Denomination:  

You can follow Kukulkan on his social media

Linktree has all the website links:

Linktree has all the website links:

The following great people have been assigned a very important role to establish the United Universe Church ( #UUC @UUC ) and I would like to express my gratitude to the following respected colleagues and friends and family:

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